Davey Kinetico Macrolite Filters for Iron Removal

Davey Kinetico Macrolite Filters

Davey Kinetico media filters for sediment and ferric iron removal.

The Davey Kinetico auto backwashing media filter is designed to remove brown iron that you can see from your water supply.

Improve water quality and reduce iron staining on clothes, basins and toilets, filtering down to 5 micron.



  • Non Electric -   Only Davey Kinetico uses the kinetic energy of moving water to power its system instead of electricity – thanks to the patented hydraulic valve. So you’ll never have to worry about costly repairs or higher electricity bills.
  • Metered Backwashing - Measures water use to accurately determine when it’s time to backwash with clock like precision. Your filter automatically adjusts to your water use patterns.
  • 24/7 -  Our twin tank design allows our system to backwash without ever going offline for round the clock operation. You’ll never be interrupted or inconvenienced by backwashing.
  • Filtered Water Rinse - Uses only filtered water to clean the media, which extends the life of the system.


Note: The use of Macrolite® on surface water supplies high in organics is not recommended unless some form of biocide is applied; the unique nature of the media promotes bacteria growth and biofouling of the media unless an oxidising agent such as Acquasafe® or chlorine is used in conjunction with filtration.


Download our bulletin to learn more about how Davey Kinetico Macrolite Filters can assist with iron removal.


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Davey Kinetico media filters for sediment and ferric iron removal.

MACH2060FOD Twin tank, automatic backwashing filter. Contains a gravel base layer and macrolite top layer



Controlled by a non-electric metering head. Change the disc in the head to change the backwashing frequency.