Davey Online Learning Published on 13/06/2019

Interested in learning about Davey products?

Now available is our Davey Online Learning Centre open to all Davey customers and consumers alike. The modules introduce the principles of pumping and provide further training on key Davey products from our water, water treatment and pool ranges.

Access is by self registration.

Out & About with Davey - Issue 3, Jan-Feb 2018 Published on 27/02/2018

Welcome To The Jan/Feb 2018 Edition of Out & About with Davey

Out & About with Davey - Issue 2, November 2017 Published on 20/11/2017

Welcome To The November Edition of Out & About with Davey - Released Monthly

Out & About with Davey - Issue 1, October 2017 Published on 6/10/2017

Welcome to the first issue of our new company newsletter, Out & About with Davey - Released monthly.

Innovation at Davey Published on 7/06/2017

Innovation is a focus here at Davey and we like to talk to our customers about their water needs.  

If you have an innovative idea that you think can help solve your water problem, we would love to hear about it.

Davey Asset Protection at its Best Published on 28/02/2017

Rely on the Davey Remote Start Firefighter as your first line of protection of important assets during a fire emergency.

The risk of BUSHFIRE is a harsh reality and often our biggest assets in semi-rural areas (apart from our homes and immediate surrounds) are livestock, machinery, barns and their contents.  The value of these assets can commonly exceed 100’s of thousands of dollars and in some cases they are so unique, they are irreplaceable.  Davey has the answer, with our new Remote Start Firefighter® – enabling asset protection from afar. 

DAVEY WINS - GUD SAFETY AWARDS 2016 Published on 2/10/2016

Davey & GUD take safety seriously and as such, GUD hold an annual Safety Excellence Awards night to acknowledge great safety initiatives and improvements across the GUD businesses.  This year, Davey was awarded two out of the three awards by bringing safety focus to the forefront of the business on a worldwide scale. Watch the video to find out how we did it!

Testimonial - Thank You Davey Pumps Published on 4/05/2016

A customer testimonial from Gordon, one of our customers from Victoria recently thanking our service department for getting his solar pool pump up and running again.  Our network of over 400 Authorised Service Dealers around Australia, has access to over 6,000 spare parts.  When your equipment isn't running as it should, engage one of our service professionals early to help extend the life of your Davey product.

Torrium Pumps for Your Home Published on 3/03/2016

Torrium Pumps for Your Home - Designed and Built to Last

Davey take testing very seriously; in fact our Australian made Torrium2 domestic pump controller is lab tested for a minimum of 800,000 cycles. In the real world, that’s equivalent to 15 years of use in your family home.

USA ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED Published on 3/02/2016

Davey SilensorPro recently received USA Energy Star Certification. How can you save on your pool's running costs?

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