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Published on 28/11/2014

Last year I purchased a Microlene filter for my in-laws’ property at Sorrento Victoria.  As the potable water supply comes from a water treatment plant close by it obviously contains many chemicals that often make the water undrinkable due to the sheer taste and smell.  After installing the filter we have been amazed at how much better the quality of the water is, to the point we do not purchase bottled water any longer that used to cost us hundreds of dollars per annum in the past.

Installing the Microlene water filter has been the best investment for us as it not only gives us the best tasting water we have ever tasted, it also removes all of the unwanted chemicals that are no doubt detrimental to our health too.

Furthermore, we were so happy with the water filter that we also installed one in our office resulting in totally clean, chemical-free water and a clean water-boiling kettle that was once full of rust and calcium and are also looking at installing three more of these filters in our homes.


Kindest regards

 ILIAS VARAS    B. Bus. (Property)


Property Manager

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1280 Ferntree Gully Road, Scoresby, Vic. 3179


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