Davey CS Single Stage Close coupled Pumps

Davey CS Single Stage Close coupled Pumps

Davey CS 304 stainless steel pumps on a base for clean water applications.

Davey CS Pumps have a pressed 304 stainless steel construction and are ideal for cleanwater applications.   They offer improved efficiency using Davey’s patented floating neck ring, 360° flaring of the volute and excellent impeller design.

  • Davey CS pumps come standard with a high temperaturemechanical seal and can hand liquid temperatures from-15°C to +110°C.
  • They come with DIN (EN733) companion flanges and are mounted on a 304 stainless steel base for excellent corrosion resistance.
  • They consist of a back pull-out design which allows the rotating element of pump to be removed for servicing without the need to disconnect the pipework.
  • Supplied with non-overloading standard frame motors.  All three phase motors comply to the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) for motors.
  • For good serviceability they feature a replaceable stub shaft motor for easy repairs of the wet end components and easy motor replacement.

Ideal for vineyards, diary washdown, chiller water pumping,  hot water washing, treated water transfer and small industrial applications.


Smart Energy Practice with Davey Monsoon VSD Drives

Consider Davey VSD Drives on your Davey CM, CS & VM pumps for improved efficency and performance.

VSD can be used to optimise many jobs from irrigation to pressure boosting for your building. The perfect partner they are easy to use and set up and can dramatically reduce electricity consumption and provide much greater flexibility by adjusting to your onsite requirements. 

Features inlcude:

  • Electrolytic-Free DC link capacitors for extended life span
  • Multi-parameter display for easy inspection of your pumps performance
  • Onboard PID control and stop function makes it easy to run your pump to optimum pressure and automatically adjust
  • Built-in system protection for your pump, pipes and system
  • Multiple pump capability means you can link up to 8 drives for maximum flexibility

Davey Monsoon VSD is not limited to the pumps identified above, however consult your Davey dealer for further details.


Documents below are available for download

• CS Datasheet
• CS Operating Instruction

Davey CS 304 stainless steel pumps on a base for clean water applications.

Operating Limits
Maximum flow 78m3/hr
Maximum Head 58 metres
Motors 1.1kW to 11kW
Liquid temperatures -20oC to +110oC
Maximum casing pressure 10 Bar / 1000kPa