NEW SumoII Household Water Softener

NEW SumoII Household Water Softener

Davey's NEW highly efficient and compact non-electric water softener.  It is reliable, simpler to operate and less expensive to maintain, than traditional softeners.


Removal of calcium and magnesium hardness from chlorinated municipal water supplies for •

  • Whole household use
  • Commercial dish washers/steamer ovens
  • Boilers 
  • Hot water systems


Benefits of Microlene's Kinetico Water Softeners


Hydraulically driven

Unlike traditional softeners, the Sumo II is non electric and is hydraulically driven by demand from the home. The Sumo II only operates when you need it, providing a compact and simple solution to hard water problems.

It prevents limescale build-up in pipes, hot water cylinders and showers, eliminating the need for harsh cleaning chemicals in the home and office.


Highly efficient softening media

The Sumo II comes loaded with high efficiency compact softening resin; this means the Sumo II offers more softening capacity than the standard resin used in traditional softeners.
This makes the Sumo II more efficient in its operation than traditional softeners – so much so, that the Sumo II will use up to 75% less salt than traditional softeners.


Accurate metering
The Sumo II accudial metre allows fine-tuning to precisely reflect the household’s water hardness and usage which allows the system to use the entire media capacity between regenerations.

This means the Sumo II can rapidly regenerate in as little as 6 minutes compared to more than an hour for traditional softeners.


Compact design

The Sumo II has a compact footprint which means it can be installed in cupboards and places where a traditional softener can’t.


Ready for installation

The Sumo II is supplied ready for install including integrated by-pass valve and fittings.



Documents below are available for download

• Kinetico SumoII Datasheet

  Model No.  Description Max Iron (Ferrous) Max Hardness Peak/Service Flow Connections
SUMO2 Single tank water softener by Kinetico < 0.5 mg/l 850 mg/l 45 / 35 lpm 20mm custom adaptor


For full technical specifications, please refer to the technical datasheet under the documentation tab.

Davey have an extensive range of other water softeners to handle the presence of iron and also increased flow rates.